• 1962 Pension Homes, San Francisco, CA
  • 1963 Alternative Master Plan, Pennsylvania Station, NYC
  • 1964 Berkowitz House, Lake Mahopac, NY
    Saks Fifth Avenue Interior, Chevy Chase, MD
  • 1965 W. A. Mann House, Mount Vernon, VA
    Harold Becker Apartment, NYC
  • 1966 Haystack Mountain Development, West Dover, VT
    Peel House, Rodanthe, NC
    Putnam Plaza Shopping Center, Lake Mahopac, NY
    Spacemakers Prefabricated Housing System (unbuilt)
  • 1967 Ohio Chemical Company Regional Headquarters, Atlanta, GA
    Unex Welding Company Regional Headquarters, Elizabeth, NJ
    Air Reduction Company Sales and Service Center, Dallas, TX
    Standard Service Station Prototype (unbuilt)
  • 1968 Burland House (East), Bridgehampton, NY
    Burland House (West), Bridgehampton, NY
    Carl Fischer House, Sherman, CT
    Schulman House, Bridgehampton, NY
  • 1969 Harold Becker House, Wainscott, NY
  • 1970 Perlbinder House, Sagaponack, NY
    Marlborough Gerson Gallery Additions, NYC
    Becker Television Production Studio, NYC
    Goldman House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Barry Cohen House, Eaton's Neck, NY
  • 1971 IPX Houses, East Hampton and Bridgehampton, NY
    Machiz Apartment, NYC
    Jaffe House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Osofosky House, Shelter Island, NY
    Jacobs House, Shelter Island, NY
    Seidler House, Shelter Island, NY
  • 1972 Village Greens Housing Development, Staten Island, NY
    J. Perlbinder Apartment, NYC
    Klimple House, Old Westbury, NY
  • 1973 Cragsmoor, Monticello, NY (unbuilt)
    Elmwood Park Housing Development, Staten Island, NY
    Schlachter House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Hamilton House, East Hampton, NY
    Brighton Town Houses, Rochester, NY
  • 1974 I.S. 55 Playground, Brooklyn, NY
    P.S. 114 Playground, Brooklyn, NY
    Tozzi House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Wohl House, Old Westbury, NY
    Machiz Beach, House Bahamas
    Reiss House , Bridgehampton, NY
    Di Montezemolo House, Southampton, NY
  • 1975 Leichter House, Pointe Mecox, Bridgehampton, NY
    Padden House, New Bern, NC (unbuilt)
  • 1976 Noyac Golf Club, Southampton, NY
    Aron House, Kings Point, NY
    Roseland Housing Development, Roseland, NJ
    Morton House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Gilbert House, Alpine, NJ
  • 1977 Krieger House, Montauk, NY
    Garonzik House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Guilden House, Sagaponack, NY
    Bliss House, Southampton, NY
    Hillman House, East Hampton, NY
    Datlof House, Sands Point, NY
    Whitaker House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Burland House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Turetsky House, Old Westbury, NY
    Sams Creek Spec House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Ortman House, East Quogue, NY
    Lloyds House, East Hampton, NY
  • 1978 Karram House, Palisades, NJ
    Jaffe House, Sam's Creek, Bridgehampton, NY
    Gruss House, East Hampton, NY
    Lemon Creek, Staten Island, NY
  • 1979 Weiss House, Kings Point, NY
    Halprin House, Kings Point, NY
    Rickert House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Fischer House, Aspen, Colorado
  • 1980 Stern House, East Hampton, NY
    Jaffe Architecture Studio, Bridgehampton, NY
    Sea Farm House, (Jaffe House) Bridgehampton, NY
    Praeger Cabana, Montauk, NY
    Golub House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Leichter Apartment, NYC
    Seligson House, Greenwich, CT
  • 1981 Laundry Restaurant, East Hampton, NY
    Edward Cohen House, Southampton, NY
    Loducca House, Sands Point, NY
    Machiz House, Kings Point, NY
    Mattis House, Salt Lake City, UT
    Alda House, Bridgehampton, NY
    Kobachovitch House, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1982 Leichter House, Sam's Creek, Bridgehampton, NY
    Peter Cohen House, East Hampton, NY
    Pedone House, Southampton, NY (unbuilt)
  • 1983 Israel House, Queenstown, Maryland
  • 1984 Seven Hanover Square, NYC
    Turoff House, Westhampton, NY
    Forte House, Lattingtown, NY
  • 1985 Raynes House, Southampton, NY
    Kroll House, Laurel Hollow, NY
    Arnold House, Southampton, NY
    Selden House, Center Island, NY
Project images are being added continuously.